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The people of Karragarra would like to extend our appreciation to The Friendly Bay Islander for its continuous support in focusing on the program of Zero Tolerance. The comments from other islanders have been very encouraging. The Karragarra Island residents have now initiated a group which we call the Community Watch group. In organising the volunteers for the group, it was important that the residents realise they needed to own the problem and be part of the solution. The Karragarra Island Ratepayers and Residents Association (KIRRA) called a meeting of the residents to help clarify the problem and decide on a vision of what they wanted for their community. An important part of that meeting was accepting ownership for the health of our community. If we wanted to live in a safe environment, then we must do our bit to ensure that happens. The Community Watch group was formed and a process of addressing concerns was developed. Since that time, the group has had to address various issues. Many of the residents have come to appreciate the value of the group and have become very supportive in identifying and addressing potential concerns. We have a shared vision and a determination to keep our Karragarra Island community a safe and happy place to live. Thank you to The Friendly Bay Islander and the other islanders' comments, expressing support for the Zero Tolerance initiative - Community Watch

• The vehicle stranded on Karra Beach



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