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• Anna Niblic Heggie and one of her stunning works.

Macleay Island's reputation as an 'enclave for artists' has been enhanced with the arrival on our shores of Anna Niblic Heggie.

Anna is an artist of considerable reputation.

She is currently presenting a major exhibition at the Redland Museum "The Mannequin: Not Just a Clothes' Horse" that is running until the end of March.

Island author Robbie Kirk has described Anna's exhibition in the following terms in a press release:

"Anna 'Niblic' Heggie's exhibition of photographs and paintings of mannequins from around the world draws on her response to memories, encounters and imagination.

"Anna's treatment of the feminine personas, sometimes aloof, bored or playing at keeping still, hold a fascination of fantasy and intrigue.

"Included in this exhibition are accessories, clothing and dressmakers' dummies from the Museum's collection of ladies fashion.

"These items have been deliciously restored by a hive of dedicated volunteers who identify with the fashion from bygone days.

"Anna is a Macleay Island artist and her exhibition is refreshingly theatrical and surprising. It enchants the voyeur in all of us as we discover the human qualities of the mannequins," Robbie says.

Anna told The Friendly Bay Islander that her museum exhibition evolved from a chance meeting with museum's curator.

So, since moving to Macleay Island from Lennox Head just six months ago, it has been a 'whirlwind' ever since.

With her husband Dave, they admit to having been drawn to Macleay Island, because of its artistic culture and direction.

Her daughter living just up the road was the initial enticement.

"I can't believe how many wonderful people we have met in such a short time.

"This is such a strong artistic community."

Anna has been exhibiting with established galleries and selling her works and winning awards since her early 20's.

After completing a Bachelor of Arts and Graduate Diploma in Art Education, Anna held a permanent part-time Art Teaching position for over 20 years with the NSW Department of Education. She also exhibited regularly, did commissioned work, ran a fine arts' photography business, and has presented an artistic series on television.

Anna has had National and International Exhibitions, including an Artists Exchange in Indonesia followed by an Artist's Residency in Malaysia and an international touring exhibition for World Peace and Harmony.

As if she wasn't busy enough, Yoga and Meditation has also played a major part in Anna's life. She happens to be a registered, experienced Yoga teacher with Certified Advanced Level.

Given her outstanding and interesting background, we will not be surprised if her Artistic Floor Talk at the Redlands Museum on Saturday 14th of March 2pm is 'Packed to the Rafters'!



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