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• Neatly trimmed Don Frost with Sandra, Natalie and Ben.

Search for a Cure for Leukaemia is now $5000 better off thanks to the team from the Russell Island Pharmacy.

Don Frost, Sandra, Ben and Natalie participated in the Shave for a Cure.

The hair shaving ceremony was held out the front of Bay Clippers at the Russell Island Shopping Centre with Tracey Walters performing the deadly deed.

The pharmacy quartet have been fund raising and encouraging donations for weeks, also holding a sausage sizzle on the big hair trim day that raised $300.

Don Frost was thankful to Sandra, Ben and Natalie for organising the event and the fund raising.

"They did a fantastic job; a wonderful effort."

In terms of hairdressing terminology, Don and Ben received a No 1 cut and Sandra and Natalie a more stylish No 4 cut.

Sandra compiled a list of people who contributed to the event to make it the success it was.

Andy Hire provided the BBQ for the day, and Island Butchery the sausages and Michelle at the Russell Island Bakery the bread for the BBQ.

Marion and Robert Mitchell helped man the BBQ and Tim Cheesman did the cooking whilst Darren from IGA did the 'dirty work' cleaning up the BBQ after the event.

Raymond Mann provided some great cookies, as well.

Jake Bryant provided 'shaving support' for mum Sandra and Jo Steele also participated in the shave.



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