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Beach a Major Part of Foreshore Transformation

• An attractive Beach will be part of the foreshore project.


A beach for mooring vessels and family use, is a major feature of the foreshore transformation on Macleay Island.

Work is to start soon on the first stage of the $6 million project that is fully funded by the Redland City Council.

We reported in the February edition of the FBI that the work now was going to involve the construction of three new access ramps. Two will be for domestic and pleasure use. A new construction at an angle to the existing Macleay jetty ramp, for use by the island barges, will access deeper water entry.

Cr Mark Edwards has advised the Friendly Bay Islander that the finished project will involve an attractive beach area where private boats many be moored for access and loading after launching.

"This beach area is hoped to be a very attractive area for Macleay residents.

"It could become as iconic to Macleay Island as the Karra Beach is to Karragarra Island residents," he said.

Cr Edwards said another piece of infrastructure was also badly needed, on all the Friendly Bay Islands.

His suggestion for pontoon mooring facilities on all the islands was highlighted in a feature article in the January edition of the FBI, exampling the mooring facilities on North Stradbroke Island at the Little Ship Club.

Well known island resident and a boating expert, Joe Vermeulen, in a letter to our publication, has made the point:

"Although the project is in dire need for the island as nearly every resident has at least one boat in the yard, the design has an obvious omission, and that is, where to tie up your boat whilst you park the car and trailer.

"I have visited the facility at Victoria Point and this oversight was very nicely dealt with.

"At Victoria Point that there are several pontoons for vessel parking so that the boats can be safely left whilst moving car and trailer.

"Vessel parking, even if short term would also encourage the thousands of boaties that transverse the channels of the SMBI's to stop for provisions and sight seeing adding to the island's economy and encouraging tourism.

"I am not saying that the island facility needs to be enlarged, but a modest pontoon along side the proposed boat ramp would be a definite asset," Joe Vermeulen said.

Cr Edwards added: "He is right about needing a pontoon to make it easier for boaties.

"The State government fronted up with most of the money for Victoria Point, that is why I have asked Member for Redlands, Matt McEachan, to look at getting recreational jetties with mooring facilities.

"Until such time funding is available, when the new foreshore is completed there will be a sandy beach where boats can be held and moored."

Cr Edwards concluded that it was important for people to understand all the pre-work that needs to be finalised before construction can commence.

"It is considerable and work will start when the pre-work is completed," he concluded.

He said he could not put an exact timeline on a work start, but it is scheduled for the current financial year.