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If your neighbour is clearly breaking the law, then Dob Them In!

It goes against the grain in Australia to be a 'dobber' but when it comes to Domestic Violence and Crime against your Community, we should not hesitate.

Police say where crime exists in a neighbourhood, other issues such as drugs, abuse of alcohol and domestic violence, surely follow.

A police spokesperson said: "People should not hesitate to report any crime or issues they see.”

Community leaders support the possibility of peer pressure to bring about change.

"If people see crime in our island community, the best thing they can do is to report it to police or Crime Stoppers,” says Cr Mark Edwards.

"It makes their task so much easier when the community is a source of information and support.”

"We can all make our islands a better and safer place if we are all part of the solution," Cr Edwards said.

He applauded the Karragarra Island Community for establishing a Community Watch group that watches over their island and reports any incidents of note.

"Their agenda of owning the problem and being part of the solution is admirable," Cr Edwards said.

If you see anything suspicious in your street or possible domestic violence issues, then report it to Crime Stoppers.

The Crime Stoppers number is 1800 333 000.


The Queensland Government has been asked to provide more police to the Bay Islands.

Redland City Council Division 5 Councillor Mark Edwards has written to the Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services, the Hon Jo-Ann Miller MP, and the Queensland Commissioner of Police, Ian Stewart, stating that existing policing for the islands is ‘insufficient’.

Cr Edwards says in his letter; “ I am writing to you in regard to policing arrangements for the growing community of the Southern Moreton Bay Islands comprising Russell, Macleay, Lamb and Karragarra Islands.

“The combined island communities have a population of approximately 7000 people and it is one of the fastest growing areas in Redland City.

“Unfortunately, the islands have one of the highest unemployment rates, a financially struggling demographic, and lack many of the services available on the mainland.

“The policing arrangements for the islands is insufficient and includes two officers for Russell Island and two officers for Macleay Island.

:”These officers are responsible for their own islands which are home to just over 3000 people each.

“Lamb and Karragarra Islands have no permanent police presence and are serviced irregularly by Redland Bay Police, a considerable journey away.

“Officers to these islands are not available 24/7 as they can only work to allocated hours.

“When compared to other similar population centres, and even the less populated North Stradbroke Island, the Bay Islands community are disadvantaged in police resourcing.

“There are real policing needs on the islands and many incidents go unreported due to the unavailability of police to respond.

“I request that you investigate the current policing model with a view to improve the structure and provide a permanent police presence on all the islands.

“A long-term sustainable model may be to incorporate a whole-of-islands policing force with marine transport to enable all the islands to be serviced by all island-based police.

“On behalf o the community I represent, I can assure you that an improved islands police presence would be very welcome and necessary,” the councillor said.

Cr Edwards said he was ‘hopeful’ of a positive response.

“The State Government has the capacity to make a considerable contribution to the safety of our islands by providing a more comprehensive police presence,” Cr Edwards said.

By comparison with a population of approximately 1200 people, North Stradbroke Island has seven full time police stationed on the biggest island in Moreton Bay.

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