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The price of fuel on our islands has never really been compared. We received a call the other day to claim that prices on the islands were highly variable, with another claim that Macleay Island pays much more than any other island. We also had a Russell Island unreasonable claim that it was ‘not right’ that prices on the island were up to 25 cents per litre more than the mainland - unfair because of the freight charges to get fuel to the islands. So, on Tuesday, May 19, we contacted fuel outlets on North Stradbroke, Macleay and Russell Islands, the latter two by going to the bowsers and checking. We discovered that on this particular date, there was not much difference. As it turns out, Russell Island had the cheaper fuel on this day at $1.59 a litre for up compared to $1.64 on Macleay Island and $1.65 on Straddie at the Point Lookout Roadhouse. Diesel prices varied a little more with $1.71 for diesel on Macleay, $1.55 for diesel on Russell and $1.65 for diesel on North Stradbroke Island. So, there you go.


Well known Macleay couple Lesley and Eddie Pullen have left Macleay for their Shangri-La at Chang Mai in northern Malaysia. The couple have fallen in love with the people and the Buddhist religion that prevails in this ancient city. A big crowd of friends turned up at the Bay Islands Golf Club to farewell the popular couple. We turned up with our camera two and got a great picture of Eddie and Lesley and all who attended. The picture is on our Island Getabout pages. We wish them well.


Our islands have received some great coverage from the Brisbane Airport BNE magazine. Heather McWhinnie rocked up to the islands and got to give us a great boost and write-up highlighting the efforts of our outstanding arts community as well as giving some of our B and B’s terrific recommendations, including Curious Cottages and Trevor and Yvonne Hulbert’s Yarandabbi Dreaming, particularly their menu!. It is no surprise our most effervescent artist, Maddi Ekeblad was to the fore, setting the tone for McWhinnie’s positive picture of our islands. Great to see she included all the islands and the Sandy Beach Kayak and Yacht Club comes in for a good mention.


The response we have had to the Zero Tolerance feature in our May edition has been enormous. Thank you to all those who have thanked us for our bravery and direction. It seems many are on the same page and wish a better outcome for our islands. We note the troubled Lamb Islanders are starting to support one another by forming a Lamb Island Residents Association. Great to see. We know, too, that many in the real estate industry wish to the ‘right thing’ by our islands. We hope those who have not given real thought to the proper checks and research when placing tenants, do so from now on. Indications are that they are responding to police requests for better outcomes. See other stories in this edition.


It is worth mentioning the efforts of the Cleveland Kayak Group that paddled through the dark with lights and their kayaks on a brilliant pre-dawn morning to attend the very special Anzac Day Dawn Service on Macleay Island. It was a very poignant and haunting scene to see the group silently pull into the beach at Pat’s Park, alight from their slim vessels, and participate in the beautiful service. The link to the Krait Z Force raid on Singapore in Operation Jaywick and Cockleshell Heroes near suicide mission to France in 1942 was not lost on those who know anything of secret military operations.


Had plenty of comments about our remarks regarding Facebook. Surprisingly most of them were complimentary. Many agree that some of the comments made on Facebook are hurtful and denigrating. We think a spot of legal action in the future could be the cure the online facility needs for more control. There is also an old saying that is appropriate: "If you can't say something nice; don't say anything at all!" Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale probably said it best when he visited our islands last year. "I don't take any notice of Facebook and Letters to the Editor comments from people who don't adequately do their research." Saying something without finding out whether it is true or not, is all too frequent online. It is called a Rumour!

• The Kayak Group arriving in the dark!



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