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There has been a massive community reaction to the Zero Tolerance feature that was the cover story to the May edition of The Friendly Bay Islander.

We have received many messages of support and encouragement.

There has also been a huge reaction on Facebook and internet.

We have even received strong support from North Stradbroke Island in wanting to be involved in the Zero Tolerance initiative.

The Little Ship Club has contacted The Friendly Bay Islander stating: “Zero Tolerance is part of our mantra here at The Little Ship Club and we would like to support and encourage your program,” said club secretary Roger Morcombe.

Redland City Council, which gave considerable support to the feature in the May edition, has added a new initiative, particularly in relation to Domestic Violence.

Council has just announced the first ever Redlands regional domestic and family violence service - WAVSS Across The Redlands.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams, a long-time advocate for a local domestic violence service, said news of the opening of the Working Against Violence Support Service (WAVSS) followed years of hard work by the local community.

“The opening of this State-funded service represents more than two years of targeted advocacy by locals including the Redlands Domestic and Family Violence Action Group,” the Mayor said.

The role of some in the real estate industry was an observation in the feature and Redland City Council’s Division 5 representative, Cr Mark Edwards, has been quick to act.

“I feel an island charter to cover areas of real estate discipline could be an advantage to the entire island community, and particularly to the industry itself.

“I also feel it would benefit from liaising and consulting with one another to a far greater degree.

“With these issue in mind I will be visiting all agents to discuss matters and to seek their ownership to contribute to an island charter,” Cr Edwards said.

Sandra Hutchison, the principal of Raine and Horne Bay Islands, offers a Zero Tolerance policy in relation to island rentals, setting a standard for others to follow.

They carry out identity checks, visa validations, search of public records and use such vehicles as the National tenancy data base as well as police checks.

“We are proud to have a Zero Tolerance policy because it is about protecting our island lifestyle.”

The real estate operator said that in one week recently they received eight applications to rent on the islands.

“All eight passed the financial part of the records search. Six did not pass the police checks. We rejected those six,” Sandra said.

She observed: “It is not just behaviour that is keeping the price of real estate down on the islands.

“A big problem is over supply.

“Another is the recent drop in island land values (determined by the State Government on an average based on the previous 12 month property sales),” Sandra Hutchison added.

The Friendly Bay Islander believes collective identification of new markets for island living and real estate can be found.

We believe a collective approach to some island marketing could result in some exciting new directions.

In relation to domestic violence, from now on in the Redlands, May will be Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month.”

More information about WAVSS Across The Redlands:



• Cr Mark Edwards supporting the Zero Tolerance initiative

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