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“Shine on the Islands”

“Shine on the Islands” Art and Cooking WAVSS program for Women

Over the past weeks a group of island women have enjoyed weekly group activities in Art Therapy and Cooking classes, joining a range of shared programs on Russell and Macleay Islands.

WAVSS Across The Redlands and BABI Youth & Family Service have joined together to recreate the wonderful “Shine on the Islands” program that ran so well on the Islands a few years ago.

Organiser Gradi Tromp told The Friendly Bay Islander: “We started on Macleay Island in May with an Art Therapy program and on Russell Island with Cooking Classes.”

Fellow South African Mariki Klooster is the art therapist involved.

With art therapy the island women have enjoyed activities around a variety of topics that have included journeys of personal discovery, communication and resilience.

A new topic is explored each week and many new members are joining the group to share in the growing friendship circle and the creative art experience.

With the art classes on Russell it is a case of one-in-all-in! Everyone has had great success in creating delicious treats for sweet and savoury recipes, main meals, desserts and entertaining. A BBQ class was also organised at Karragarra Island and the women from that community were invited.m They intend continuing with the program.

The good thing about the cooking classes is that all the cooking equipment, ingredients and art supplies are provided free and participants get to take the finished product home.

The program is allowing women to communicate right across the islands with participants declaring great results with comments including ‘inspiring, improves communications, social contact, closer relations, self awareness, self discovery and great connections’.

The good news is that the “Shine on the Islands” Program is being continued in line with school Term 3, 2015, and island women are invited to the following destinations:

• Macleay Island Community Hall In the Boardroom Tuesdays 10am - 1pm

• Russell Island Community Hall High Street Fridays 10am - 1pm

Register your interest by contacting: WAVSS Across The Redlands Mobile: 0409 797 150 Core service: 3808 5566

• Island ladies enjoying the WAVSS cooking and art program with co-ordinator Gradi Tromp

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