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• Cr Mark Edwards presenting the cheque to Petrae McLean

You can't just take the 'CARE' out of Early Childhood (EC) Education.

Educators continue in the industry because they do 'care'. it's all about community and providing essential developmental and learning interactions that are second only to those a child receives from their family members.

One of the unique elements of our island community is that when a child and/of their family are seen in need the community rallies to provide community care.

Educators at Bay Island Early Learning and Care, most of whom are also volunteers for Bay Island Children't Inclusion Association, use innovative and fun ideas such as 'Dress up for a cause' to assist our young children's understanding of the need to help others within the community.

On the 3rd and 4th of June the centre turned out in all manner of costumes, collecting a voluntary gold coin donation, household and/or personal items to aid a community family following a devastating fire.

Dramatic play is one of the many FUN activities encouraged throughout Early Childhood (EC) Education.

Through Dramatic play a child develops their sense of identity; is able to express ideas, feelings and strong emotions; explore other identities and points of view; empowers them to use their imagination and creativity and nurtures the child's growing understanding of empathy.

Children can not, NOT learn where there is interest of children will always learn when their exploration and enquiries follow their areas of interest.

One such area is the animated children's movie Frozen and Frozen 2, popular no matter what sex, the children know the words and the characters, and the theme is rich in learning opportunities involving culture, maths, literacy, diversity, science, geography and history.

• On Friday 5th June Cr. Mark Edwards visited the BICI Association to present a cheque for $2000 being a contribution towards the construction of a Bushtucker garden and multi-purpose multi-cultural meeting place i.e. Yarning Circle, Kup Murri, Hungi, Firepit, etc. Construction at the Curlew Cove Youth Facility, in Curlew Street, Macleay Island, will commence soon with plants being sourced through local suppliers and specialist such as Wijiti Grub Bushfood nursery.

• Educators at Bay Island Early Learning and Care, most of whom are also volunteers for Bay Island Children't Inclusion (BICI) Association are pictured with Cr. Mark Edwards in Frozen Day themed costumes including Petrae McLean (Queen Elsa), Amy Fernando (Kristoff), Hesty Franklin and Chloe Boyd (Olaf the snowman).