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• Darren Goleby aboard his lovingly restored 1956 BSA Bantam

Most people know Macleay Island artist Darren Goleby for his Alkatrazartz paintings and his tattoo work.

He also happens to be a lover of classic motor cycles.

“I have loved them since I was a bit of a lad.”

Over the years, Darren rebuilt 11 classic motor cycles.

This involves giving them a complete re-build which means a total strip down, parts replacement if required, and new paint work, but all to original specifications.

His latest ‘find is a 1956 BSA Bantam.

In the 1950’s these were the Hondas and Yamahas of today.

“They were a bit of a workhorse for the working man,” Darren says.

When this particular little model hit the road, the Melbourne Olympics were being held and television in Australia was screening for the first time.

Darren purchased the BSA Bantam about six months ago from a museum in Toowoomba.

“The original owner purchased the bike new at 15 years of age and had it until 1975 when he donated it to the Toowoomba museum,” Darren said.

Once the bike was set up in Darren’s work room at his Heron Street home, he completely stripped the bike back, sourcing parts from Australia and overseas.

“The Bantams were produced in just four colours, red, black, green and grey. I stuck with the original grey,” he said.

Darren has sold all of the previous classic motorcycles he has restored, but not this time.

“I intend keeping this one for a while.

“It is like riding in an arm chair. It is lovely ride.”

It is also lovely to look at. There is nothing better than a vintage piece of machinery that has been lovingly restored.

Congratulations Darren. The BSA Bantam is a gem!



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