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Ian Larkman with Ashley Walker out the front of what will be Bay Island White Goods.

There are some exciting changes happening at the Russell Island Shopping Centre.

Bay Islands Meats have gone to be replaced by Bay Island White Goods.

The man behind the butchery, Ashley Walker, has decided on a new career path, and will be turning the well-placed location into a White Goods sales and repair business.

“I am hopeful that the islands will like the new business.

“I will have available a wide selection of white goods.

“These will be sold off the floor and orders will be taken,”Ashley said.

The new business will have access to a complete range of white goods.

“If we haven’t got it in store, we can get it in,” the former butcher said.

Not only will Bay Island White Goods supply new high quality electrical equipment, but it was also service and install them as well.

“We have access to all sectors of the industry for the best in supply, service, repairs and installation,” Ashley Walker said.

Ian Larkman of the Russell Island Shopping Centre has welcomed Ashley’s initiative.

“It will be interesting to see how islanders react to the business change.

“Certainly it is difficult buying and getting white goods delivered to the islands.

“Servicing and repairs is even more difficult, given the water that exists between the mainland and our islands.

“Getting white goods repaired and to and from our islands has always been difficult.

“Having someone here who can arrange it all, should prove of real value to islanders,” Ian Larkman said.

Watch out for more new directions at the Russell Island Shopping Centre.

“We have a certain configuration in mind for the ongoing success of our island shopping centre.

“It is our goal, one step at a time, to achieve a highly functional shopping centre for the people of Russell Island and the Bay Islands,” Ian Larkman added.