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• Terri Barclay signs the Commitment to Our Island Community with Michelle Francis and Cr Mark Edwards

T. Barclay Real Estate is taking a significant new direction when it comes to island property management.

Well-known island identity, Michelle Francis, has been employed to assist Terri with this.

“I have taken a greater interest in the property management side of real estate and together, we have decided to embrace some new directions,” Terri told The Friendly Bay Islander.

One of these is to embrace the Zero Tolerance strategy that has been put in place by The Friendly Bay Islander.

As part of that process, a Commitment to our Island Community has been produced which will be offered to all Island real estate offices.

Terri Barclay was happy to be the first Island agent to sign the document.

It is in no way legally binding, but is a symbol of higher standards in island property management.

“I agree we need to work together as an industry.

“I recognise that there have been some problems in the past and I know that when you have over 300 tenants it is difficult to have a perfect scenario.

“However, I want Island property owners to know that Michelle and I will be working hard to ensure that new tenants to our Islands will fulfil all the necessary requirements by law and by the Real Estate Institute when it comes to being a good tenant and a good citizen.”

Terri did say, however, that it is difficult to fix a problem, “if we don’t know”.

“I would say to island residents, if there is a problem or an important issue with a rental property we manage, please tell us.

“We can’t fix a secret,” Terri added.

The Island real estate agent made a telling point, that the vast number of Island tenants are fantastic.

“They really are. They are strong members of our community and do everything right all of the time and I am sure that some of them are reading this stuff about bad tenants and feeling really horrible.

“I really appreciate our tenants who do the right thing and are an absolute delight to deal with.”

“We live on and love our Islands and we want to see our Islands prosper and grow, attracting good people who want to contribute to our community.”

T. Barclay Real Estate will be applying their new enthusiasm to all their properties on Macleay, Lamb, Russell and Karragarra Islands.




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