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Macleay Island Police say that domestic violence is a continuing problem for the islands.

Sgt Ben Suckling has told The Friendly Bay islander: “ Unfortunately like all communities, domestic violence exists and is a continuing occurrence here on Macleay Island.”

He said that domestic violence was an issue to the point where the ‘majority of calls for service for Macleay Island officers relates to domestic violence related incidents’.

The Sergeant says he takes a positive from the trend of increased reporting.

“We see that calls for domestic violence are increasing but we have taken a positive out of this.”

Many victims are now speaking out, whereas in the past, they may have been reluctant to do so.

“Many victims are now confident and prepared to come forward to try and put a stop to the continuing violence that they are subject to,” Ben Suckling added.

The support and information coming from the public allows police to work in partnership with the victims to attempt to obtain a positive outcome to try to ensure the safety of the victim.

The Sergeant continued: “Since myself and Senior Constable John Levi commenced on the island nearly two years ago, we have responded to 158 domestic violence related incidents.

“This year alone we have already responded to 58 domestic violence related incidents. That is a lot for a small community like Macleay Island.

“But again we encourage any victims to come forward so that we can assist them against this inexcusable act.

“Domestic Violence is not acceptable and Macleay Island Police take a strong stand against it.

“We will assist any victims where we can to ensure their safety. We can arrange assistance for victims of domestic violence.

“We also have the ability to arrange assistance for respondents of domestic violence.”

The police officers are determined that perpetrators of domestic violence do not get to reoffend on the island.

Because of recent serious and violent domestic incidents, Macleay Island officers have commenced applying for conditions, where applicable, for respondents of domestic violence to be prohibited from re-attending the island.

Sgt Suckling concluded: “There is no excuse for committing domestic violence.

“Unless it is reported then we are unable to try to stop it and prevent it from occurring.

“We encourage any person who may need assistance to contact Police,” he said.

• Sgt Ben Suckling