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Cobby Cobby cleanup day a great success.

The recent Cobby Cobby cleanup day was, by any measure, a great success.

It was organised by the SMBI Coastcare group under the auspices of Clean Up Australia.

Forty litter pickers and support crew removed 130 bags of litter weighing over one tonne. There were two litter crews; one cleaning up the northern end of the island, with the other attacking the southern end.

The lucky participants were transferred to the island by Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.

Everyone’s enthusiasm and camaraderie made the day just fly and the amount collected was nothing short of amazing. The day was also a great opportunity for networking between the environment enthusiasts, with some coming from as far away as The Gap.

Everyone was impressed with the beauty of Cobby Cobby and all said that they would do it again.

And just as well – we estimated that we removed about 10% - 15% of the total litter load on the island.

So the inaugural cleanup has become day one of an ongoing Cobby Cobby Cleanup Project, with a calendar of dates to be posted on the SMBI Coastcare Facebook page.

• Volunteers with the bags of refuse collected.



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