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The Friendly Bay Islander believes there are a number of projects that could be developed on our islands that could play a huge role in our future direction.

We will introduce these over a period of time, all aimed at a new economy and positive outcomes.

One project is the possible establishment of Botanical Gardens.

The concept would be to develop Botanical Gardens on Russell Island, but also encourage all the islands to be part of the program.

It would be a natural extension of the early history of our islands.

We were once known as the Garden Islands, providing important produce to Brisbane in the mid to late 19th century.

Rich, red soil on the islands and good rainfall make for a perfect combination - hence our district name, The Redlands.

All that is further required is the desire and the ability.

Our elected representatives at Local, State and Federal levels are all supportive of the concept.

Each has a role to play, and are keen to assist.

Local and State Government can assist with locations and the Federal Government can help via the work-for-the-dole scheme and other areas of funding.

The great part about such a concept, is that it can start literally now with the establishment of garden beds in various island locations.

Not just one location, but several; spreading into every home front and back yard.

A recent visit to Toowoomba demonstrated how the entire community can become involved.

It also showed how such an attraction has the ability to entice thousands upon thousands of visitors each and every year,

Whilst it is possible to attract support from Federal, State and Local Government, it deserves to be a total community effort.

The intent is to establish formal Botanical Gardens with a particular theme : “Plants of the islands of Australia”.

However, other islands and many areas could play a part with garden beds and themes to be developed in many locations.

For example, the newly named ANZAC Drive on Russell Island in front of the Russell Island RSL Club could see the garden beds already taking shape, extended along the length of the road with a special ANZAC Walk commemorating the ANZAC legend.

It is possible for the concept to start small and continue to grow over time - that is the beauty of the concept.

It can start tomorrow with you, the island home owner, deciding to turn your front and back yards into a Botanical ‘gem’.

Think about it; visit your local island nursery where all sorts of help, advice and plants are available; and get started!

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