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• Brian D’Andilly training for his walk on Russell Island prior to his departure.

Brian D’Andilly is currently walking from Cairns to Brisbane in memory of his wife, Pam, and to raise badly needed funds for Ovarian Cancer research.

Pam died from the disease only three short months after being diagnosed with the disease on August 25th last year.

Her death devastated her husband and soul mate, Brian.

So much so, that he decided to do something about it, running a small island event late last year to raise awareness.

Had Pam been diagnosed sooner, she would have had every chance of beating the disease. Early diagnosis, it seems, is vital. It is also an irony that there have been no significant improvements in Ovarian Cancer fatalities in 35 years. There is no known cure for the deadly cancer.

Brian D’Andilly calls Ovarian Cancer The Silent Killer. He wants all women and men to become more conversant with symptoms of the dreaded disease such as persistent bloating, abdominal, spinal or pelvic pain, bowel or bladder difficulties, and loss of appetite. In Pam’s case, PAP smear tests failed to be an early indicator. It was only after full examinations and ultra sounds that the cancer was revealed.

Pam was just one of four women in Australia who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every day. Only one in four will survive.

Brian’s plea is to all men who cherish their family and friends to stand up and support their women and insist, demand further investigation and tests. In memory of Pam and to raise Awareness of this insidious Disease, Brian is doing Pam’s Legacy Walk, from Cairns to Brisbane.

The walk is coinciding with Ovarian Cancer Month which is this month.

He started his walk on the 1st of February and is travelling with a support team.

He will probably need it.

Brian himself has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Many have flocked to his cause, including the North Queensland Cowboys in Townsville who are donating a picture of legendary captain Jonathan Thurston and co-captain Matthew Scott who have signed and worn T shirts to support his fund raising and the walk.

Matt Scott was a pupil of Pam’s in her days as a school teacher.

All monies raised will go to Ovarian Cancer research.





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