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• Weinam Creek will have a similar theme to this Toondah Harbour impression.

Many people are noticing the momentum that Toondah Harbour has been generating, particularly at the outstanding plans for the redevelopment of the area.

Cr Mark Edwards has told The Friendly Bay Islander that the Toondah plans are ‘beyond expectations of most people’ and will be set to deliver long term benefits to Cleveland and the Redlands.

He added: “Whilst this is major project on a scale not seen before, we should not forget Weinam Creek.

“Weinam Creek was delayed due to a request to rework the initial plans and I can report that this project has been moving ahead.

“The environmental impact studies have been completed and form part of the documentation currently before the Federal Government.”

The councillor says this substantial environmental impact study work means that there will be minimal delays to the Weinam Creek redevelopment.

Cr Mark Edwards has been provided with an advanced high level design of Weinam Creek, which will go before all other Councillors in late January for a preliminary assessment.

Cr. Edwards could not divulge details as he is bound by a confidentiality agreement but did provide an exclusive to the FBI stating that "all the elements of the community needs have been addressed and I am very impressed with the Walker Group’s commitment to an outstanding quality development that will deliver long term benefits to all of our community."

The councillor explained : “Taking the Toondah Harbour development as an example, then we can probably take some comfort in what has been produced by the Walker Group.”

Cr. Edwards did, however, advise that he has asked that following the presentation of the proposal to the city councillors, that the Walker Group make public as much information as possible as he is sure the community will be behind it.

The process to reach a position to commence construction is probably almost as long as the time to build the facilities.

However, as Cr. Edwards has said; "We have one shot at this and we need to get it right.

“We had a delay of one year from the original proposed plan however we need to make sure we have an outcome that meets our future."

The councillor believes that plans and approvals for both Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek will be in place by the end of 2016 with work likely to start on both projects, probably simultaneously, at that time.