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The Bay Islands have given a huge vote of endorsement to Redland City Council Mayor Karen Williams and Divison 5 Councillor Mark Edwards.

It was by far the most universal support for the Mayor of all the 10 council divisions.

Cr Edwards’ victory in Division 5 was also the most comprehensive of any councillor in the recent Local Government Election for the Redland City Council.

Whilst overall, Cr Edwards won 68.60% of the vote and Junita Grosvenor obtained 31.40% of the vote after all primaries were counted,

However, at the booths on our island, Cr Edwards was as high as 87.57% of the primary vote.

The councillor on Lamb Island earned 87.82% of the vote with 174 votes to 23 to Junita Grosvenor.

On Macleay Island the councillor obtained 84.32% of the vote for 1116 votes to 207.

On Russell Island the voting was even stronger for the sitting councillor with 87.57 of the vote or 1029 to 146 votes.

At Redland Bay it was more even, but with the councillor still holding sway with 55.20% of the vote and 1135 votes, to Grosvenor’s 921 and 44.80% of the vote.

Pre poll votes were decidedly in Cr Edwards favour 58.86% to 41.14%

In the Mayoral race Karen Williams had a clear-cut win over aspirant Greg Underwood 55.32% to 44.68% or 41,325 votes to 33,372.

However, it was the islands that delivered ‘big time’ to the sitting Mayor.

In Division 5 she received 67.64 per cent of the vote to 32.36, the highest of all the council divisions.

The Mayor won all council divisions with the exception of Divisons 2, 3 and 4, with divisions 2 and 3 almost ‘line ball’.

Mayor Williams wanted to thank the islands in particular for their support.

“The islands have been steadfast in their support and I thank each and every one on the islands.

“I want people to know that I am here for all islanders, not just those who voted for me.”

Cr Edwards was most grateful for the huge support he received from the island population.

“It is wonderful to know that I have your support. To receive such commanding numbers is quite humbling.

“I want all islanders to know I will continue to work in their best interests,” the councillor added.

• Karen Williams

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