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GIRT BY SEA Two  Island Sculpture Events will be Australia’s Richest!

Australia’s richest sculpture competition will be held on our Bay Islands in what will be two separate events in June and August.

The event, named Girt by Sea Sculpture Exhiition, is in two separate sections to take advantage of the funding that has been made available by Redland City Council.

Cr Mark Edwards shocked the island and Australian arts community last year when he announced that $35,000 would be made by available annually to hold the prestigious event.

And, because the money had to be expended before June 30, 2016, it was decided to run two events within three months of one another to take advantage of the 4 Islands Festival program.

“It was originally intended the sculpture event would be held as part of the successful festival program.

“But because of the timing and the availability of the funding, the organisers have decided to run two events in the short time frame so the Girt by Sea event will fit into the 4 Islands Festival current and future programming,” Cr Edwards said.

Artists from both the emerging and established sculpture communities are being encouraged to enter the two competitions and it is designed to ‘celebrate’ the natural beauty of Redland Bay and the Bay Islands.

The Festival this year consists of two divisions.

One is an acquisition program of five separate acquisitions of $7000 each, totalling $35,000.

This is the event that will be held from June 3 to 10.

The other section to be held from August 5-14 offers prizes of Best Exhibit, runner-up and people’s choice with $20,000 on offer for one acquisition up to $20,000 as well as a first prize of $5000 and second prize and people’s choice of $3000.

The closing date for the June Acquisition section is May 15 and the closing date for the Best Exhibition August event is July 15.

The Girt by Sea Sculpture Festival is being held in conjunction with the 4 islands Festival of the Southern Moreton Bay Islands.

Conditions of entry and entry forms can be found on www.the




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