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• Supporters of Peter Mitchell at the Dunwich polling booth.

North Stradbroke Island and Cleveland has a new council representative with Peter Mitchell winning the recent Local Government Division 2 ward.

The new councillor was able to claim victory finishing decisively ahead of the two other candidates for the division, Tom Taranto and former councillor Craig Ogilvie.

On first preferences, Peter Mitchell gained 45.98% of the vote with 3657 votes at island and Cleveland polling booths.

Ogilvie received 32.63 of the vote at 2595 and Taranto 21.40 with 1702 votes.

At the time of going to print and two and half weeks after the March 19 polling, counting had still not been totally finalised, although it was clear Mitchell would win the seat by about 500 votes after preferences from Taranto had been distributed.

On North Stradbroke Island on the primary vote, Peter Mitchell received 41.28% of the vote at Dunwich and 32.21% of the vote at Point Lookout. Ogilvie received 37.52% of the vote at Dunwich and 40.49% of the vote at Point Lookout. Taranto received 21.20% at Dunwich and 27.29% at Point Lookout.

Peter Mitchell told The Friendly Bay Islander he was both pleased and humbled at his election as the Division 2 councillor on Redland City Council.

“I want the island community in particular to know that I will work for the betterment of Straddie and I am here for all islanders.

“I intend to meet regularly with residents by establishing a Community Consultation process.

“I will be holding regular meetings with concerned residents where they will be able to make an appointment with me one on one.

“I intend to rotate these meetings between the three centres of Dunwich, Amity and Point Lookout,” the new councillor said.

He added that he wanted Straddie residents to ‘get to know’ him.

“I don’t care how you voted. I am here to represent every islander across a multitude of issues,” Peter Mitchell said.