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• Cr Mark Edwards and the Russell Island Car Park.

Improved car parking on Russell Island, similar to the work soon to be carried out on Macleay Island, will be a major project for Cr Mark Edwards and the Redland City Council.

Cr Mark Edwards has identified the Russell Island situation as a 'major goal' for the next Redland City Council.

“Now that I have been re-elected, planning for improved car parking on Russell Island will be high on the agenda," Cr Edwards told The Friendly Bay Islander.

He said 'the other islands' were also in need of urgent parking attention.

"Projects involving parking extensions need to be planned, with the help of community consultation.

"And I know, even if it is not in my division, there are similar thoughts re island parking on Coochiemudlo Island and North Stradbroke Island at Dunwich," the councillor continued.

He said island car parking and transport had to remain an important infrastructure priority, particularly now that the Weinam Creek and Toondah Harbour developments will be going ahead.

"The work soon to start on Macleay Island (held up by delayed State Government approvals) also puts the spotlight on the need for improved overall island car parking."

He admitted that the investigation around improved parking for Russell Island had already commenced.

"With the replacement and upgrade of island jetties scheduled for 2018, there will also be an opportunity to look at improved design around our foreshores and also construction of floating jetty fingers that will enable private boat owners to tie up and visit the islands," the councillor said.

Cr Edwards said a design not dissimilar to Macleay Island's was envisaged.

He said at an 'appropriate time' council would call for community input into the design process.




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