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with Eleesa Zlatic of the Organic Market, Macleay Island

Dearest Community,

I want to sincerely thank you for all your support. I am always so humbled by the kindness, consideration, and help that my family and I are given.

By the time this goes to publication, our inaugural Macleay Island Red Tent will have occurred, with its theme of ‘Find Your Tribe’, where women come together to share their stories, laugh, nurture and connect with their Sista’s. Whilst this is a women’s circle, I have to say that living on the Island for me as been a case of finding my Tribe. A community of enchanting, colourful individuals, who are living their sea change lifestyle with a village feel, and I feel blessed and grateful to be a part of this shared journey.

We recently held our Autumn Infinite EarthFest, and it was ‘lovely’! Very home grown and heartfelt. A loving thankyou to everyone who attended, and to all the stall holders. I am grateful to everyone who helped the work experience folk for their help with creating some great activities on the day. Running Wild and Jam for Jams made some noise with their Funky Junk workshop, and the kids had a fabulous time banging out the beats on recycled containers, pots and pans, and drum sets. Mike and Bojan from Homeless Yellow pulled the sounds together, and it was great to listen to! Thanks also to Cassie for your beautiful smile, and volunteering your help on the day.

The Insect Hotels (or should they be called Motels???) Workshop was incredibly popular. There will be some very happy insects moving into funky new houses in local backyards very soon. If you missed out, we will be holding these workshops again in the future! Thanks to the team from Running Wild for getting all the materials organised, and Brendan and Dillon for running it on the day. This workshop supports our ‘Chemical Free Islands’ campaign, encouraging people to stop spraying pesticides, and to allow Insects to do their thing for the environment.

A fantastic way to get rid of rags is to make them into a rug mat using a toothbrush! This free workshop was run by lovely Eileen in her very cool retro tent. Lots of people contributed to the communal mat being made, or bought a kit to get started at home. It is such a great way to use up items of clothing that would normally be tossed. A perfect example of upcycling! Eileen will be at our next ‘Infinite EarthFest Winter’, if you would like to get involved and learn a new skill.

Infinite EarthFest Winter Solstice: Saturday 25th June

Infinite EarthFest Spring Equinox: Saturday 24th September

Infinite EarthFest Summer Solstice: Saturday 17th December

Please mark these dates in your Calendar, and contact me if you have a stall that fits the criteria of environmentally friendly, organic, recycled, upcycled, spiritual and arty. We are also looking for home grown musicians and entertainment, particularly with an earth friendly, world music feel.

Ok now for the latest news…. HOW EXCITING! The Organic Market now has a Coffee Bar! Come along and try an organic coffee, tea, or a delicious organic Fairtrade hot chocolate. There are plenty of treats to enjoy with it, raw treats, gluten free cookies and chocolate truffles to name a few… yum! I must say the feedback so far has been great. We have been ever so kind, and have solved the dilemma of which cup size to choose by having only medium! But not just any medium size cup, ours are an eco-friendly compostable and biodegradable cup! … which we recycle into plant pots (when you’re finished of course) or you can take them home and pot something up for yourself. Nothing should go to waste, so our coffee grinds are being used in various ways on the farm too.

Now for those of you who get picked up from the Ferry each week, we now have a BUS!!!… yes, that’s right, it is comfort all the way to the farm now. No more alleee oooops up into the Blue Landy any more, just a comfortable step into being chauffeur driven for your organic shopping pleasure.

If you can’t make it to the market, or want to make a commitment to your healthy eating plans, just contact me and we can arrange a box for you each week. We deliver to the Ferry for pick up on the other Islands or Mainland. Have a beautiful month!