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The Macleay Island foreshore car park proposal has hit a substantial roadblock.

Final approvals for the project are in the hands of various State departments, going nowhere.

It is believed that the Government is ideologically opposed to approving the project.

The $6 million project has passed all council regulations and cannot proceed without the State Government endorsement.

As a result, the Redland City Council and Cr Mark Edwards have found it necessary to appeal directly to the Premier of Queensland, Anastasia Palaszczuk,

In his letter to the Premier, Cr Edwards believes the recent language from the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning indicates ‘a refusal of this development’.

The full letter to the Premier states: “I am the Councillor for Division 5 which includes Redland Bay and the Southern Moreton Bay Islands.

“The purpose of this letter is to seek your support to ensure the Macleay Island foreshore capping of asbestos is approved as a matter of community importance.

“In 2009 Simtars made a site visit to Macleay Island to assess asbestos containing materials on the foreshore.

“Their report (copy enclosed) recommended the entombment and capping of this land in the interest of public health. Once the land is capped, the use of the land would be available for other community uses as it will no longer be a tidal foreshore. “This land is located next to the only ferry terminal car park at Macleay Island and would be best utilised for car parking due to the rapid population growth on the islands.

“Parking is a critical issue for Macleay Island residents as this is the only gateway access point to and from the island.

“Since 2009, Council has been working steadily with the community and State agencies to design asbestos entombment and a foreshore development application.

“Over the subsequent years since 2009, the State agencies have been supportive of the proposals and the island community are keen to have this development proceed as soon as possible. “It is unfortunate that since lodging for State agencies approvals, this important project is being delayed by ongoing Information Requests and recently language from the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning indicate a refusal of this development.

“Council have responded that there is no further information that can be supplied that has not already been made available.

“I cannot stress the importance of this development for the Macleay Island community both from a health perspective and a transport need.

“I am sure that your government places the needs of the community at the forefront and failure to have the right outcome will certainly have significant adverse impacts on our residents.

“I enclose for your reference the following: Plans of the proposed development; Sitmars Asbestos Report No. QH95983F1; Letter from the Department of Instrastructure Local Government and Planning Ref. SDA-115-026260

“On behalf of my community, I ask your urgent intervention to ensure that this important development application is approved, Cr Mark Edwards’ letter concludes.

Cr Edwards hopes the Premier will successfully intercede.

“The money is there ready to start work. It can’t start without the approvals that have long been previously promised,” the councillor told The Friendly Bay Islander.




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