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Bay Islands Golf Club has been trying for more than 20 years to bring home the Holy Grail of Golf (for local Districts Golf anyway) and finally the club will be able to pin that illusive piece of cloth on the wall of the new clubhouse.

The Bay islands Golf Club team that is sponsored by The Friendly Bay Islander, made the final home and away series by beating the River Lakes team on Sunday 9th April to set up a 2 match series with the heavyweights of the competition, Hills International.

In the first of two matches our island team beat the visitors 5 to 1 on our home course to give us a much needed advantage for the return match the following Sunday 23rd at the Hills Course.

With all games played from the blue markers this made the match daunting for “Dads Army” (as we were christened by the other teams) but we only had to win one match and tie another to give us the flag.

The club hired a 21 seater bus to take the players and supporters to the match and armed with eskies, ample lubrication and hearty cheers the supporters set off in chase of our warriors.

After 9 holes things were looking grim with all players behind in their games and the fairways were looking that little bit longer each time we teed up.

By the 14th one game was lost and by the 15th another 3 were gone. It was down to Murray Paton and Jeff Ridge to play the game of their lives.

Jeff completed a great Captain’s knock beating the opposing team Captain 3 up with 2 to play but had no idea of what had happened in front of him as his last update was that Murray was still playing and that he was tied with 2 holes to play.

Murray was playing in the group in front. The nerves were rampant as thoughts of another playoff loomed but as we drove up towards Murray’s group the news of a win had been taken to the supporters and they were hugging and (quietly) cheering.

Murray was 1 up on the final hole which meant that no matter what the result of this hole we had won the flag. Murray completed a great game by sinking a 12 foot putt on the last to beat his opponent 2 up. The fairy tale was complete with a very happy ending!

P.S. Now that the Old Fellas Pennants is over we will be taking our junior players Jack, Marshall and Cody are off to play in the Pee Wee Pennants against the mainland clubs in late May.

Although we have not got enough players to form our own Bay Islands Team (6) the kids will amalgamate with one of the other clubs to form an extra team. Last year Jack and Marshall were part of the Mt. Warren “B” team which ran 2nd overall.

• The victorious Bay Island Golf Club district champions!




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