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The De-Sexing program being conducted by the amazing Girls Day Out group and Animal Welfare League on the Bay Islands is already an outstanding success.

Residents seeking to have their pets desexed are already nearing 100 and will almost certainly far exceed that number by the time the program concludes at the end of June.

“We hoped the program would be successful”, says Girls Day Out president Sheryl Knockoff, “but we did not expect it to reach these numbers,” she excitedly told The Friendly Bay Islander.

The program has the full backing and logistical support of the Animal Welfare League Queensland, the National Desexing Network, and local veterinary service Bay Islands Veterinary Clinic on Macleay Island and Hydrobath at Bay Island Vets.

The GDO president said there was ‘no way we could have done this desexing program under normal circumstances without the support of these groups’.

She said the program was ‘necessary’ to control the pet population on our islands.

“The Girls Day Out are all about supporting our pets and providing funding and the best care for them. We love our pets.

“However, it needs to done responsibly and we urge pet owners to think before they purchase a pet.

“Is the pet you have or are about to purchase or obtain, suitable for our islands?

“Is your pet desexed and is it registered and is it micro-chipped?.”

Sheryl Knockoff said she had been ‘amazed’ at some of the applications for desexing.

“We have been surprised by the number of male dog owners who have signed up their pets.

“It is a little known fact that some males do not like to have their male dogs desexed. It is great to see a change in the trend with this campaign,” she said.

Depending on the size of the animal, with this desexing campaign dogs can be desexed for as little as $70 and cats from $40. The usual cost for these veterinary services is from $239 for a small animal and $339 for a larger animal.

“The cost savings to pet owners is enormous in this campaign,” the GDO president said.

Not only that, the program also offers FREE micro-chipping for the animal as well as a Bonus Bag of Goodies.

Participants can also have their animals receive a discounted Hydrobath thanks to Sue and Keith of Hydrobath @ Bay Island Vets.

To participate, you can fill out the forms in this publication or you can sign up at the Registration stalls being held on Macleay Island at the Spar Supermarket on Saturday May 21st from 9.30am to 1pm or on Russell Island at the Supa IGA Supermarket on Saturday May 14 and Saturday May 28 from 9.30am to 1pm.

You can also find out more by phoning 34091505.

• President of Girls Day Out Sheryl Kunakoff at the launch of the Pet Desexing program on Karragarra Island




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