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With a life jacket slung over her should, 91-year-old Doreen Matthews surprised many when she strolled out of the waters at the recent Tingira Boat Club Canoe Classic.

The former WW11 morse code operator who now lives in Cleveland, is a regular visitor to our islands and is a beacon to all on how to live a fulfilling 'never give up' life.

She had just participated in some fun canoe paddling at the event, one of her many activities.

Soon to be 92, Doreen is a great example to many on how to enjoy an active and busy life.

"I haven't stopped," she told The Friendly Bay Islander.

"I have always been busy and active, and I see no reason to stop now."

Like many morse operators from the war years, she has never forgotten the craft and skills she learned in war time.

"I still have dots and dashes going around in my head.

"daa, dit dit dah dah dah dit dah dit dit dit dah dit" she recited. We think that is morse code for DOREEEN!

Maureen has strong links to the war years serving as a morse operator in Townsville.

She is kept busy involved with the war widows, the Golden Oldies League and the Redlands Ladies Drum Corps.

" Anzac Day also means a lot to me. I am always involved locally," she said.

Doreen loves comiing to the islands for the canoe event. She was here last year as well.

"It is a great event and a lovely setting here at the Tingira Boat Club.

"We are so lucky to having these beautiful islands just off the coast of Redland Bay.

"Living at Cleveland makes it easy to visit, particularly if you come by canoe," she said with a grin!

• Doreen Matthews at the Tingira Canoe event.




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