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The new chain and lock on the front door to the Macleay Island Arts Complex does not necessarily mean you are not welcome to the popular island arts centre.

It does mean, however, that a new broom has swept into place a new exciting direction for arts on our islands.

The new broom is in the shape of the irrepressible Maddi Ekeblad, the lady of the arts who is well known to Friendly Bay Islander readers.

At the suggestion of others and the threat of an artistic demise, she has been encouraged to bring together an enthusiastic new team to head the arts on our islands into considerable change and new directions.

We can tell you it has started with a major ’spring clean’, a grounds makeover, new partnerships, and a huge growth in what was recently a dwindling membership. Membership now stands at a stunning 93!

“I know I head up this new group, but I have to say it is a real team effort. Everyone is contributing.

“I know I am easily excited, and I am especially with the enthusiasm of our new directions,” Maddi told The Friendly Bay Islander.

She said: “A huge thank you to Lynda and Dave Faulkner for all their work around the complex and the pottery studio.

“Thank you to Rod Brownsey for organising the new entry to the complex with the help of Redland City Council.”

New directions at the arts complex include the introduction of new mediums to art display and instruction including photography and graphic arts, among others.

An arts shop is also being established at the complex.

“Not only will be sell island art, but also other items that could be termed as art and island memorabilia.”

New seating, new classes, better floor plan and new equipment are all part of the changes.

It is definitely not a ‘one woman show’.

“It is a team effort with designated areas of responsibility,” Maddi added.

The new Macleay Island Arts Complex Inc team are: President, Madeleine Ekeblad; Vice President, Suz Catton; Secretary, Belinda Sutliffe; Treasurer, Ray Pickering; Admin Manager, Louise Gerrard; Big Vision Strategy Planner, Suzanne Pike; Pottery coordinators, Janet Davis & Robyn Parsons Printing coordinator, Anni Badger & Suzanne Pike; Photography coordinator, Anna Heggie; En Plein Air coordinators, Judy Pickering, Maddi Ekeblad; Life Drawing coordinator, Judith Brady; Events coordinator, Suzie Catton; MIAC Building & Grounds coordinators,Dave & Lynda Faulkner; Web Developer & Social Media Officer, Dave Heggie; Gallery Curator & Assistants, Maddi Ekeblad, Suz Catton, Margaret Woodford, Belinda Sutliffe & Lynda Faulkner; Excursions coordinator, Anni Haig-Smith.

• The new MIAC management team: from left, Suzie Catton Vice-President, Ray Pickering Treasurer, Madeleine Ekeblad President, Belinda Sutliffe Secretary.




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