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Conflict of the past council which saw a constant bickering between different factions, could be a thing of the past with the new Redland City Council.

With three new faces around the council table, first indications are the new council could be more 'co-operative' and respectful of one another.

The new council got to meet 'face-to-face' for the first time at a special introductory workshop held over two days on North Stradbroke Island.

The three new faces, Peter Mitchell in Division 2, Paul Golle in Division 3, and Tracey Huges in Division 8, got to meet for the first time the re-elected old hands including Mayor Karen Williams, Deputy Mayor Wendy Boglary, Lance Hewlett Division 4, Mark Edwards Division 5, Julie Talty Division 6, Murray Elliott Division 7, Paul Gleeson Division 9 and Paul Bishop Division 10.

The council had some workshop 'experts' on hand to guide, suggest and help direct both the new and old hands.

What was a pleasant surprise from the Straddie event was the declared position of many of the councillors.

Some 'apologised' for past behaviour and all declared their intent to vote on merit and to put 'council and local issues first' ahead of agendas and politics.

If that is the case and the intent, residents cannot but applaud this initial declaration and direction.

Even 'old hands' who attended were encouraged by the workshop and the first, new steps of the recently-elected new council, which will be in place for the next four years.

Certainly Mayor Karen Williams was heartened by the experience and the promises.

"It was courageous and brave for some of the 'old hands' to make those declarations.

"It is not easy at any level of politics to show a new side; but it did happen at the Straddie meeting and I am encouraged by the early new directions," she said.

The council elected Division 1’s as Deputy Mayor in what is a changing of the guard.

The new Deputy Mayor said on her election that she was prepared to work with Mayor Williams and was delighted with her new role.

In an interview in this edition she also give positive signs for new co-operative directions.

It is hoped that the new direction stays the course.

We shall watch with interest!