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Imagination is everything when it comes to art!

It also helps if you happen to be a bit of a bower bird and a scavenger.

Particularly if sculpture is your medium.

Well, Macleay Island artist Darren Goleby is all those things and more.

Better known for his art with a brush, he happens to dabble in all the artistic disciplines.

So much so last year he won the public vote prize at the 4 Islands Festival with a pirate ship theme that he knocked up in a few hours.

With a $35,000 cumulative prize on offer for the first of the Girt by Sea sculpture prizes to be held from June 4 to 10, Darren is hoping his latest effort will garner him one of the acquisitive prizes.

In outlaying the prizes in an acquisitive form, Redland City Council is assured of getting bang for its bucks.

Five of the top prizes at $7000 each, will be claimed and owned by council to be placed in parks and reserves in and around the Bay Islands and Redland Bay.

Because of the urgency of the first competition, it had to be held before the end of the 2016 financial year to ensure the sculpture prize remains an ongoing event.

The second $35,000 sculpture prize will be held in conjunction with the 2nd annual 4 Islands Festival to be held from August 27 to September 4.

From then on, the sculpture event will stay in annual unison with the 4 Islands Festival.

And it just so happens that the $35,000 sculpture prize money makes it one of the richest in Australia.

No wonder Darren Goleby wants to be in this first ever event, and his imagination and inventiveness may just be rewarded!

Darren called on his Viking heritage (Goleby is a Scandinavian name) and says he has links back to the legendary Viking King Ragnar Lodbrok, currently the theme of the brilliant SBS series Vikings starring Australian actor Travis Fimmel.

HIs sculpture is titled ‘The Viking and the Banjo Player’

“I used some scrap slabs of island timber to form the basis of the work. It is an exact replica of how seating was made by the Vikings - two interlocking pieces that come together for form a seat - easy for transportation and referred to as the ‘paddle and the spoon’.”

The Viking element is in the timber seat structure and the banjo - a favourite instrument of Darren’s - is constructed in the upright with the appearance of 4 strings made from long galvanised rods with coffee cans and other ‘offcuts’ used in the process.

The result is pretty spectacular and it is one that Darren hopes may bring him some artistic success in this very first Girt By Sea Art Sculpture Prize.

There were nearly 20 entries in the sculpture competition.

Already its notoriety has spread throughout the Australian artistic community.

• Darren Goleby and his sculpture prize entry.




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