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The island “green seal” road sealing program has started for the 2016/17 financial year.

The program has focused on road maintenance in recent months and now with the new term of Council and a new financial year about to commence, more roads will be sealed.

Cr. Mark Edwards, an advocate for the green sealing program, said he was “happy” to declare that the island road sealing program was now able to be “re-started”.

Macleay Island will be the first island to benefit from the re-start.

Last year the program was started on Macleay and progressed to Lamb and then to Russell.

The cycle continues with the road program returning to where it first started, Macleay Island.

Over the next two months the following streets, which are in the vicinity of Corroboree Park, will be sealed on Macleay Island:

• Blue Waters Crescent between the Causeway and Waterside Drive

• CottonTree Avenue from Waterside Drive to the end

• Boat Harbour Avenue from Cotton Tree Avenue to the end.

Further road sealing will be announced when this work is near completion, Cr Edwards told The Friendly Bay Islander.

• The latest area for island road ‘green’ sealing




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