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Two Macleay Island ladies are winning hearts and providing love and support for the elderly.

Chrissie Shaw and Susie Szerb each month take their loving dogs Harmony and Lady to aged care homes on the mainland.

They are particularly popular and regulars at the Adventist Nursing Home at Victoria Point.

“The residents love to see and play with the dogs.

“We started going over to them nearly two years ago.

“They loved it so much that we have continued to do it every month since,” Chrissie Shaw told The Friendly Bay Islander.

Chrissie owns Harmony a poodle cross and Susie owns Lady, a loveable Labrador.

The duo have become so popular that other homes have sought out their services, but there is a problem.

Because they live on the islands, they have to take the dogs by car over every month, which is quite costly.

“We could take them via the passenger ferries, but it makes getting to the nursing home difficult and it stresses the dogs.

“By going by car on the barge, we can get to where we are going to with ease and little stress to the animals,” Susie said.

They have approached Stradbroke Ferries for some assistance and received a discount on their barge fee, but they still have to outlay quite a bit for the balance.

The ladies are hoping to obtain a ‘sponsor’ to assist.

“With a little more assistance, we could make more visits to the nursing homes.

“The residents just love what we do and we would be happy to make more visits, but we can’t afford it,” Chrissie Shaw said.

If you can help out or know a business who would help with some sponsorship, you can contact us here at The Friendly Bay Islander.

• Chrissie and Susie with Harmony and Lady.





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