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Ray White Real Estate on Russell Island has signed up to the ‘Commitment to our Island Community’ initiative.

The ‘Commitment’ was formulated by The Friendly Bay Islander and Cr Mark Edwards.

The initiative follows in the wake of the Zero Tolerance program we initiated three years ago that continues to gain in strength and support.

The Zero Tolerance program is about living in a safer island community and the island residents working together to bring about that outcome.

New Ray White Russell Island owners Kieran and Janice Fitzsimmons were keen to sign up to the program.

“We are here for the long haul and we live on the islands.

“We are about helping to make Russell Island better and safer for everyone.

“The real estate industry has a role to play and we recognise we are part of that process,” Kieran Fitzsimmons said.

A safe and supportive community is essential for the future of our islands, and a commitment to the Zero Tolerance program is a key way to build our future.

Real Estate agencies on our islands have a key role to play in ensuring that the tenants arriving to these islands have a good rental history and understand their obligations and are prepared to live within our community in harmony.

• Janice and Kieran Fitzsimmons of Ray White Russell Island, sign the ‘commitment’.




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