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Premises on Bridge Road, Dunwich, were recently flooded in the recent June rains.

Buildings that had never been flooded before, suddenly filled with water causing a considerable amount of flood damage.

Premises included The Most Amazing Shop and Straddie Super Sports and several premises in between.

Carol Lennon, the owner of The Most Amazing Shop, said her premises filled up to nearly 400mm.

“It came as a surprise because it has never happened before,” she told The Friendly Bay Islander.

Carol believes the problem comes from Shepherd Lane at the rear of the premises that line Bingle Road.

“Several months ago Redland City Council installed the new sewerage scheme in and around Dunwich.

“The work involved new piping underneath Shepherd Lane.

“We think the restructuring and reshaping of the road has caused the current problem,” Carol said.

Cr Peter Mitchell visited Carol at The Amazing Shop and was shown the flood levels and inspected the rear laneway.

“I have passed it onto to council officers to inspect and report.

“I am hoping they will come up with a solution to the problem to ensure the flooding never occurs again."

• Carol Lennon with Cr Peter Mitchell at the offending area.

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