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Buses owned by island RSL sub branches on both Macleay and Russell Islands could play a role in future important tourism infrastructure.

Many who come to visit our islands are often ‘stumped’ at the first hurdle.

Getting to the islands is relatively easy;

Getting around the islands in another story.

Once a visitor or a visiting family group of friends arrives here, their choices are limited.

They might be able to hire a bike to get around; but not everyone can ride a bike, or wants to ride a bike.

A taxi can be taken, but it does not represent an island tour and can be quite expensive.

The Friendly Bay Islander believes what is needed is a tour operation option that involves an island tour in an appropriate bus that could involve visits to strategic island points and may also include a lunch or morning or afternoon tea at an island establishment.

Both RSL sub branches have accesses to good island transport.

The Russell Island RSL Club has recently taken delivery of a 25 seat bus that would be perfect in such a role.

The Macleay Island RSL Club sub branch has had a slightly smaller bus for some years,

Both would be perfect for an island tours operation.

Russell Island RSL president, Anthony Gleeson, said the Russell RSL would be happy to help develop a visitor arrival tour concept that could also involve a stop-over at the RSL in the suggested circumstances.

Macleay Island RSL president, Russ Hearps, said the Macleay sub branch would also be interested in looking at the proposal.

“We are keen to make positive use of our vehicle and it could be possible under certain conditions.”

Cr Mark Edwards has long been a supporter of such a tourism initiative.

“Far better to make use of infrastructure that is already on the islands.

“Organisations such as the RSL sub branches would be perfect to develop such an initiative.

“They are service-orientated and have vehicles and volunteers that could handle a new tourism direction.

“Some elements would have to be worked out such as minimum numbers to make a booking viable.

“I think it would be great to include a visit to a local club for a break in the journey that could include a meal.

“It would be up to the organisations to work out a cost per person for such an endeavour,” the councillor said.

He added that he would be organising a meeting with the two sub branches to work out a possible direction for the island tours.

• Macleay RSL president Russ Hearps and Russell Island RSL president Anthony Gleeson and the new Russell Bus




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