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New councillor for North Stradbroke Island, Cr Peter Mitchell, says ‘positive contributions’ from island residents can play a major role in future works programs for the island.

He told The Friendly Bay Islander: “We can’t fix things or put the right systems in place without a major contribution from island residents.

“If we don’t know, then it is not on our radar and cannot be part of any future works program for the island.”

Cr Mitchell said several island residents have been in touch with him in recent times in relation to several possible island works.

Two involved possible future road works, and another was in relation to island jetties.

As a result, the jetties at Dunwich and Amity have been repaired, and gravel roads at Amity are on the radar for future green seal road works.

“The state of the island jetties was brought to council’s attention by Gordon Dix at Amity and several roads at Amity were mentioned to us by local island vet Jade Patterson.”

Gordon Dix said he had been suggesting work be carried out on the jetties for some time and recently new deck areas have been put into place that now make both jetties useable.

Cr Mitchell said: “In fact, my investigations have revealed a far more knowledgable process in relation to marine management than I would have thought.

“Council staff are looking at future directions and new uses involving new products, particularly new plastic materials rather than galvanised steel for jetties throughout the Redlands.”

Jade Patterson said she brought the attention of the gravel roads at Amity to the councillor’s attention because of community concerns with dust issues.

Cr Mitchell said the new council ‘green seal’ program would see an acceleration in road sealing of gravel roads on Straddie.

“I means all island gravel roads will be sealed at a much faster rate than was previously possible.”

The process is a fifth cheaper than the traditional council road sealing methods.

“It is suitable for the islands because of less usage of island roads,” he said.

The councillor said he appreciated the information and said he would be ‘pleased’ to hear from any island residents about their concerns and observations.

“Council has an asset management plan in place and local information is vital to works planning and implementation.

“The asset management plan allows council to identify and prioritise future works on North Stradbroke Island,” he said.

• Cr Mitchell inspecting roads at Amity