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For the past 12 months the Macleay Island Community Church has been assisting islanders with great value-for-money fortnightly food parcels.

The concept was introduced by former pastor (now retired) Ron Favoloro, and has been continued by Pastor Graeme Harry.

The service, which operates from the Macleay Island Community Hall, is growing in popularity, and for good reason.

“It is open to anyone and everyone,” says Graeme Harry.

“The food comes from a Brisbane sorting centre and offers three packs of food each and every time, dry, frozen and fruit.

“The quantities are quite liberal and represent terrific value for money,” Pastor Harry told The Friendly Bay Islander.

However, there is one small catch.

“No two food packs are the same. It can vary from delivery to delivery.

“Purchasers have to take what comes,” he said.

Checking out one of the packs, you will not be disappointed.

The cost per fortnightly pack is $30, and the value of the food provided would be close to double that amount.

Clearly, many islanders believe it is great value for money.

The community church does it for the good of the community; they make no money out of it themselves.

“We have to have the money before the orders go in.

“It is all via pre-paid internet banking, which has to be in place prior to our ordering.”

The church will provide the banking details and it is open to all Bay Islanders.

Apparently there are several who purchase from Lamb and Russell Islands and the collections are designed for between 2 and 2.30pm on Thursdays.

Residents from other islands can collect first so they can catch the 2.23 ferry.

You can find out more by contacting Pastor Harry on 0408770001.

• Pastor Graeme Harry (right) with helpers (l to r) Judy, Lorraine and Marg.

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