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Club Macleay is looking to the future with major alterations to the club in recent weeks to the tune of $85,000.

Club chairman Rod Callaghan and vice chairman Barry Reid have been at the forefront of the changes.

The works have include the complete revamping and extension of the club kitchen, and the installation of a state-of-the-art sound system throughout the club.

The new kitchen was expanded to able to provide improved food preparation areas.

All the equipment was replaced and it includes the latest oven technology.

The sound system has been designed for music and entertainment to be equally spread throughout the club.

“The sound can be balanced evenly throughout, which makes a huge impact for members and guests. no matter how many people happen to be in the club,” Barry Reid told The Friendly Bay Islander.

The sound system had dual controls so it can also be managed from the stage and from behind the bar.

“It makes for sensible club management and operation,” Barry said.

“The $85,000 has been a significant investment.

“What it means for members and guests is that they know we have the very latest technology which allows for the absolute best presentation of food and entertainment at the club,” he added.

Both elements at full working capacity got a good workout for their first ‘official use’ co-jointly at the recent 4 Islands Festival James Blunder Concert.

James was full of praise for the club and the facilities.

“They have done a great job and I can’t wait to get back here to these islands and this club,” he said.

The new kitchen was in full production, and the new sound system was used to its optimum.

“It was an outstanding success and a great test and validation of the investment by the club,” Barry Reid said.

• Rod Callaghan and Barry Reid (right) with James Blundell.

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