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A sculpture that was originally intended for the second round of the Girt by Sea Sculpture event, will now hold pride of place at the Early Learning facility on Macleay Island.

Artist and keen sculpture exponent, Darren Goleby, started work almost immediately after winning one of the major categories in the first Girt by Sea Sculpture Prize earlier in the year.

Due to funding issues, it was thought two Gift by Sea events would be held within a few weeks of each other.

That has now changed with the Girt by Sea second event now to be held in March of 2017.

With Darren keen to try to pick up another big prize in what is now one of the richest sculpture events in Australia, he’ started work almost immediately on another entry.

“Everything changed dramatically when the second sculpture prize was postponed.

“I had a wonderful entry, I thought, with nowhere to go,” he told The Friendly Bay Islander.

That’s when he conceived a new plan.

The sculpture has another Viking theme, given Darren’s historical links to the unique norse heritage.

“I came up with a ship design because of the Viking strong link to the sea and to their ships, the Long Ship or the Dragon Ship.

“I got some beautiful pieces of slab timber for the sides and carved a dragon head to the front which made the Viking ships so fearsome,” Darren said.

He is now going to change the design for this effort and remove the dragon at the front and make it easier for children to play on and around the unique craft.

“I will come up with another version of this for the Girt by Sea event next year,” Darren declared.

• Darren Goleby and his latest Viking sculpture.