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A time capsule has been prepared and will be buried on the day of the Russell Island State School 100th celebrations on Saturday, October 1.

The burial of the capsule will take place on the school site at 1.45pm.

The time capsule will be buried in the revamped Centennial garden near the flag pole at the entrance to the school on High Street.

It includes laminated printouts of SMBI data from the ABS website 2011 census, 2015 school report from Education Queensland website, copy of a school newsletter and screen print of the schools' website, a copy of The Friendly Bay Islander magazine that features the cover story and 100th anniversary feature.

There will also be a price brochure from the Supa IGA, a whole school photo and staff photo from 2016, lists of past sporting and academic awards, current student artworks, letters to future students from this year's grade six students and a vacuum sealed uniform shirt.

The precise location will be recorded on the schools' website for preservation and the possible reopening on future anniversaries.

No decision has been made on which ones at this stage.

The school is hoping the time capsule will survive and be easily located as there have been many small class ones compiled over the years and one at the 75th anniversary that are undocumented and undiscovered at this time.

It is hoped that someone at this year's reunion was here 25 years ago and can help locate!


• The original school building came from Pine Ridge State School near Southport and is still in use in the school today after being moved in 1926 from the school’s opening in Centre Road.

• The 2016 school was located in Centre Road, although the exact location is not known. If anyone can assist with this information, please contact the school of the Friendly Bay Islander.

* The Russell Island State School started out with 15 students in 1916. It soon climbed to 19. However, in the war years it dropped down to five and seven. There were fears then the school may be forced to close by the State Government of the day. Today the school has a roll call of 185 students.

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