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Eleesa Zlatic of the Lemon Organic Markets is headed on a major ‘learning curve’.

She has just returned from attending an aboriginal women’s gathering over two weeks with a small group of women from around the world.

To be a part of it she had to get to the remote Western Australian desert to learn women’s lore and living with aboriginal healers who were trained in the ‘old ways’.

Needless to say, Eleesa was humbled at her acceptance,

And at her Lemon Organic Market and farm on Macleay Island she is establishing the Macleay Island Red Tent.

It is in the shape of an American Indian ‘Teepee’, and is actually a space for island women to gather, share, communicate, love and nurture each other.

The Tipi was raised to mark the first Red Tent held on Macleay Island. The poles were grown on the Organic Farm for this purpose. It has created an intimate and beautiful space to hold a women’s circle for the beautiful women on the Islands.

She told The Friendly Bay Islander: “We are a branch of the group Red Tent Australia, a growing tribe of women who are gathering in communities around Australia.”

So, if you are a woman and are interested in this novel form of communication, you are invited to come with an open mind and a willing spirit ready to connect with a new community of aware and awake women.

Island women can come together in a beautiful space to be accepted unconditionally as themselves; to share their life journey; and nurture not only themselves but their kindred Sista’s.

For more details, please like and share our facebook page: Macleay Island Red Tent.

New events are posted on the Macleay Island Red Tent Facebook page, click on the event to purchase your ticket online. Tickets are limited. Join Red Tent Australia as a member to save.

Red Tent Australia is a non-profit incorporated association that helps start, promote and run Red Tents all over Australia.

Organiser Jill Natalia Genet says: ”People are feeling what it means to be part of a tribe again- together we are stronger. Women in particular will always feel stronger, more capable, calmer and happier when they are heard, supported and able to feel relaxed and not in fear.

“What we are aiming to do with the Red Tent Australia Movement is to let women know that they are part of something big, something good and something that is changing the world. The effects of coming to a Red Tent are immeasurable, the changes and ripple effects we see are wonderful.

“Self-Confidence, Self-worth, Self-love, knowledge, authentic friendships and understanding of each other are huge. Being part of a tribe means that we have your back. We are all important and we all matter.”

This is a women’s circle for Red Tent Australia and we welcome anyone who identifies as female into the warmth of the Red Tent to spend the evening filling their cups and just being. The circle is strictly limited to 18 women and meetings are notified upon request.

Macleay Island Red Tent- in the TIPI 6pm – 8pm

The Organic Farm

27 Lonicera St,

Macleay Island, Qld

This circle will be strictly limited to 18 women so please purchase tickets early to avoid disappointment.

• Eleesa and the Tipi Tent