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Russell Island resident Sandra McKeowan reckons there needs to be more ‘information’ about groups and activities made known on our islands.

She has contacted The Friendly Bay Islander saying she has been ‘inspired’ by a recent chance meeting with an island ‘visitor’ who just happens to own a block of land on Russell Island.

“The woman was getting on the barge returning to Sydney when I happened to get into a conversation with her.

“She said she owned a block of land on the islands but had decided not to go ahead and build on her block after having spent a weekend on the islands.

“She erroneously came to the conclusion that there is ‘nothing to do’ on our islands and Russell in particular.”

Sandra was able to set the land owner ‘straight’ but came to the conclusion that more needs to be done to ‘advise’ property owners and visitors of what is available ‘to do’ on our islands.

Sandra’s suggestions was to produce a ‘flyer’ that could be collected or made available.

Due to the uncertain nature and time limits of ‘flyers’, we reckon the situation could be solved with a COMMUNITY BILLBOARD on each of the Islands ‘welcoming’ visitors and tourists.

Not only could the Billboard offer a 'Welcome to ????? Island’, it could also contain a list of local groups and organisations along with contact numbers.

As part of her exercise, Sandra McKeowan produced a list of organisations and activities that could be listed. It is pretty comprehensive, and could be applied to each of the islands.

Some on her list included religious and community garden groups, historical and museum, bridge and scrabble groups, trivia, mahjong, table tennis, art, choir and mosaic groups, conservation society, walking groups and writers’ circles, lawn bowls, craft , fishing and sports such as bowls and golf, sailing tennis and yoga and many more.

“People just don’t know we have many of these activities.”

We put the concept to Cr Mark Edwards and he agrees a Community Billboard on each of the islands could be the way to go.

He is going to seek out funding possibilities to try to make Welcome Signs with billboard community activities available on each of the islands.

He said, similar signs could also be produced for Coochiemudlo and North Stradbroke Islands as well, with support from the councillors for those communities.

“I will see what I can get happening for our islands in Division 5 and I shall approach Cr Peter Mitchell in Division 2 and Cr Lance Hewlett in Division 4,” Cr Edwards said.

• Sandra McKeowan and Cr Mark Edwards and a potential sign concept.

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