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Women’s Workshops are now being conducted to assist women, particularly living in our islands’ community.

The workshops are conducted by Roopa Sami a Prevention Officer Addiction Services attached to the Academic Clinical Unit with Metro Health.

  • The overall program was originally specifically designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women.

  • However, the latest and next workshop is available to both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Women.

  • Roopa Sami told The Friendly Bay Islander: “This program is part of the Women’s Wellbeing; but we are not part of the ‘Wellbeing Group’.”

  • The next workshop is called ‘Well Women Workshop [Breast Screening]’ and will be held at the Redland Health Service Centre-Cleveland-on Friday 28th October-9-3pm.

  • The reason this workshop is held at the Redland Health Service Centre is because Breast Screen is located within the Centre.

  • “That makes it really easy and convenient to have Women Screened for Breast Cancer.

  • “It is very beneficial this way as women not only receive good health information and resources; but they also can get screened on the same day, which means they will not have to make another trip to breast screen,” Roopa added.

  • She continued: “The workshop provides a great opportunity for addressing women’s health issues, and we have been running these for the past few years with good representation of women living on the mainland.

  • “We find that women living on the Islands have difficulty attending the workshops, either due to not being able to afford the transport costs, cannot make it to the workshop on time or are simply not aware of these health events.

  • “We are able to cover all transport costs and would also provide transport to/from the Redland Bay jetty.

  • To find out more, you may contact Roopa Sami PH: (07) 3167 8325 | Mobile: 0403 605613 | Fax: (07) 3167 8322. Email:

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