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Relaxation and Really Letting Go

Yoga provides one of the best ways to learn to deeply relax. Learning to let go of our tension, our worries and fears are a challenge. However, Yoga , brings awareness to where you are holding tension or stress. It helps you to release it in both your body and mind.

When I first started yoga in my twenties, it was mainly to get fit. I attended regular Hatha Yoga classes and found that I loved it immediately. I kept up the routine for several years then changed to study another style of Yoga called Ashtanga. This was far more energetic, flowing yoga and again I loved it at the time. Next, I learnt Iyengar yoga and guess what? Yes, I loved that two.

I eventually did my yoga teacher training in Byron Bay and completed another advanced yoga teacher training a couple years later. I am also an artist and have directed and run Yoga and Art Retreats, workshops and classes. Nowadays I'm content to teach a couple of yoga classes and run an occasional workshop.

The one precious jewel in amongst my career melange has been the ability to turn to Yoga and Meditation when my body and mind are telling me I need to relax more and let go.

Pranayama refers literally to forms of breathing we use in yoga. Prana or life-force energy is closely tuned with the breath and controls the nerve currants that flow through our bodies. Breathing slowly, stretching then releasing held tension within, brings transformative results.

All of the systems of our bodies gain from doing regular yoga. The nervous system, the circulatory system, the respiratory system, the lymphatic system, the muscular, skeletal, urinary, gastrointestinal systems, all benefit from the integration that yoga incorporates.

At the end of a yoga session we do Savasana or Corpse Pose. We lie on our backs like a corps, remaining still and silent. My students enjoy the guided relaxation approach I incorporate to help them to really let go.

Transformation Yoga and Meditation classes are held at MI Progress Hall on Monday mornings 8:45 to 10:15 and Thursday evening 4:30pm to 6:00pm. Come and join in. Mob: 0431325887.



• Transcend by Anna Heggie



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