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Russell Island born and bred Elizabeth Hurdado a Missionary to Chile.

Elizabeth Hurtado was a three minute girl.

She comes from Russell Island where it is three minutes to the jetty, three minutes to the shops, three minutes to the school, three minutes to the library.

Elizabeth is the daughter of John Hurtado and Jehane Harlen, Pastors of Harvest Family Church, who have lived on Russell Island for 28 years, so her calling to care for others, surprised few who knew her.

All her life everything she needed was just three minutes away until the day she responded to the call God had placed on her heart to serve the *least of these* in Chile.

She had just had her 21st birthday. She did not speak Spanish. She had never travelled abroad.

She had no real qualifications ~ yet OM Chile [Operation Mobilisation] accepted her and God ratified that call.

The work Elizabeth does in Chile is with the children no~one wants: the 5% taken out of poverty, the 18% suffering from parental neglect, the 32% at risk of physical or psychological abuse and the 45% who have been sexually abused.

In the metropolitan area of Santiago alone, Chile’s capital city, there are 58 children’s homes known as Residencies of Protection, who take these children into care.

Thirty~four percent of children are taken into care before they are seven years old; the average age is just eight.

After five years Elizabeth is fluent in Chilean Spanish and is a team leader responsible for the design and implementation of programs to take into the Residencies.

They have named the program RUBI a Spanish acronym for Resturacion [restoration], Uncion [anointing], Brillar [shine], Identidad [identity] because a ruby has its own shine but must be extracted from a rock and carefully polished before its true beauty is revealed.

RUBI has three branches: mobilisation, evangelism and training. They now have 16 trained Chilean volunteers, and reach 130 children in 3 homes regularly, working towards restoration through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and the children’s knowledge of their true identity in Jesus Christ.

At present Elizabeth is on her long furlough, happily renewing her acquaintance with steak and mum’s cheesecake.

She will renew her commitment [pending finances] and return to Chile in the New Year to extend the love of God to children whose lives have had very little love in them.

Harvest Family Church, Russell Island, proudly sponsors Elizabeth and her work with RUBI. If you would like to know more about the work Elizabeth does she can be contacted through her prayer letter at:

• Elizabeth working with Chilean orphans