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Get Your Tickets for Saturday, December 17 and Sunday, January 15 Trips

The second Direct Ferry Trial connection between the Bay Islands and North Stradbroke Island turned out to be a ‘double’ event.

The Saturday November 27 ferry journey sold out in just over 24 hours, and it left us with a problem.

The Friendly Bay Islander had received a call from the Russell Island Bowls Club which was taking two groups to Straddie for the day.

The social group got their tickets AOK, but the bowls team did not.

The Friendly Bay Islander initially was content to let the x3 trials run their course, but the pleas from the bowlers was intense.

They had organised the day and they were going to miss the boat and have to make the trek to Straddie the long way round.

We decided to help them out and, without any real notification, decided to run a second service on the day, which got the bowlers to Straddie for their day of fun, social competition.

The relief from the bowlers was obvious and we received many ‘thank you’s’ for helping them out.

That meant in one day we took nearly 180 Bay Islanders to Straddie and their impact on the Straddie business community was rewarding.

Whilst the Direct Trial Service is an outstanding success from the Bay Islands to Straddie, support for the return journey is required.

Those from Straddie who did make the return journey had a great day enjoying the Canaipa Nursery, the new Fresh on Bayview coffee shop and the RSL for lunch on Russell Island, whilst another group were happy the Organic Market on Macleay picked them up for a ‘wonderful experience’ and then lunch at Club Macleay.

The next trip in pre Christmas on Saturday, December 17. There will only be one trip on this day.

The Bay Island Transit vessel will pick up from ALL BAY ISLANDS!.

The journey to Straddie will start at 8.15am picking up the Russell Island passengers and will proceed to pick up on Karragarra Island at 8.30am and then Macleay Island at 8.35am and finally Lamb Island at 8.40am and then direct to Dunwich for arrival at approx 9.10am in time to meet the NSI 9.20 bus service.

The ferry service will then pick up the returning morning Straddie visitors to the Bay Islands departing at approx 9.30am for the return journey to the Bay Islands dropping off at Lamb, Macleay, Karragarra and finally Russell Island at approx 10.25am

The Straddie visitors will return to Dunwich leaving Russell Island at 3.20pm with pickups on Karragarra at 3.35, Macleay 3.40, and Lamb Island at 3.45 for arrival at Dunwich at approx 4.00pm

The Bay Island visitors on Straddie will catch the return journey to the Bay Islands at 4.15pm with stop offs at all the Bay Islands Lamb, Macleay, Karragarra and finally Russell Island at approx 5.10pm

It has been decided to continue with the Direct Ferry Service beyond December at it will be held on Sunday, January 15. The Bay Island Golf Club hopes golfers from Straddie will enjoy a round of golf for just $10 and great entertainment and food for that Sunday. Further adjustments will continue to be made.

We are hoping that some Straddie holidaymakers may wish to make the return journey.

Tickets for both Saturday, December 17, and Saturday January 15 are now available at:

• RUSSELL ISLAND: Russell Island Post Office

• MACLEAY ISLAND: Auto Marine, Seaside Terrace (rear Spar car park)

• NORTH STRADBROKE ISLAND: Straddie News, Casket and Gifts, 5 Below Rd, Dunwich.

FARES RETURN: Adult $30, Children (under 12) $15, Seniors (card holders) $20

FURTHER INFORMATION: Email: Phone 0423229739

• The Russell Island Bowls Club group headed for a day or bowls at Point Lookout




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