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Zlatko Mar (also known as Zak Mar and Zac Mar) and associated companies, MR Lifestyle Constructions Pty Ltd and TS Home Services Pty Ltd, were fined a total of $300,000 for unlawful building work and other offences committed in Bribie Island and surrounding areas.

Mr Mar was convicted of 33 offences at the Caboolture Magistrates Court and ordered to pay more than $225,000 in restitution to five of his victims on 13 February, 2017.

Commissioner for the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC), Brett Bassett, said that the QBCC had investigated Mr Mar for a range of offences including carrying out unlawful building work, non-compliant contracts, improper use of a licensee’s licence and receiving excess deposits.

“Mr Mar was revealed to be behind the two companies that targeted people of a more mature age group and demanded excessive payments for sub-standard work that was, in some cases, left incomplete.

“It was evident that Mr Mar continued to flout the law and ignored orders issued by the QBCC to cease carrying out unlawful building work and other building-related services.

“As a result of the serious nature of his offending, Mr Mar was personally fined $100,000 and sentenced to serve two years imprisonment should he default in payment,” he said.

Mr Bassett said that the two associated companies were collectively fined $200,000 by the same Magistrates Court in August last year, when MR Lifestyle Constructions Pty Ltd was convicted of 30 offences and TS Home Services Pty Ltd was convicted of nine offences.

A public warning against all three entities was issued by the QBCC on 13 April, 2016.

Anyone with concerns about unlawful building work being carried out can call the QBCC (24/7) on 139 333 or visit

Please note – MR Lifestyle Constructions Pty Ltd should not be confused with Lifestyle Construction Queensland Pty Ltd, which is a QBCC-licensed entity (licence number - 1286378) and is not related to MR Lifestyle Constructions Pty Ltd.


Display Partners, the so-called middle man group trying to dupe island investors, has been caught out again.

The brazen marketing of Display Partners was featured in the publication they have produced themselves called Outrigger. The person behind both Outrigger and Display Partners is Chris Kirby-Ryan, a person with considerable marketing experience who lives near Redcliffe.

In Outrigger, an advertisement was run in the name of Mastercraft Constructions advertising for 'interest from sub contractors and laborers' with the obvious intent of offering jobs.

We can tell you that Mastercraft Constructions in the form advertised does not exist. Certainly not legally.

The Friendly Bay Islander did a search of the Australian ACCC business register and came up with a building company with the exact name.

The man behind it is Mark Jenning of Mastercraft Construction in Melbourne. A call to him revealed that he has ‘never heard’ of Display Partners or Chris Kirby-Ryan, or another person associated with Display Partners, Zac Mar.

He told us: “It is concerning they are using a name similar to ours."

A well known person associated with the island building industry also saw the Mastercraft Advertisement and decided to ring not the number listed, but the number listed as the publisher, Chris Kirby-Ryan.

The islander wanted to know why an advertisement had been run in the name of a building company, but did not publish a QBCC license.

Our correspondent told us:

• She feigned ignorance then tried to say that Mastercraft Constructions had a QBCC lic.

• I told her that the company did not have a QBCC lic.

• Then said she would call the builder at MC to get his Lic. Number. I pointed out that if it was an individual that held the lic. His name and his Lic number should appear in the advert.

• I told her she should retract the MC advert unless it had a lic. Number attached. She said she would !!! worth noting

• I pointed out that the Display Partners advert also made reference to them having MC to build for them. She disagreed so I pointed out paragraph 2 in the advert. In the double page spread in the same edition on Display Partners the second paragraph, last line says ‘Mastercraft Constructions’ is their ‘licensed master builders’ I told her that the Display Partners advert was misleading as they were promoting ‘their’ builder (MC)

• Told her that the Display Partners advert must have a QBCC lic number as they were purporting to build houses

• Told her to remove both adverts as she was breaking the law by not disclosing the QBCC lic number of the builder. Advised she could be fined by the QBCC.

• She promised to remove both adverts. Maybe an expose before her next publication to make sure she holds to her promise to remove adverts.

What a con! - our correspondent said.

In an original interview with Chris Kirby Ryan several months ago, she told the FBI that finance for clients was being sourced via Suncorp. This appears to be not the case.

To our knowledge, not one transaction for Display Partners clients (those who have already an unsecured deposit to Display Partners) has been secured.

Further, the Friendly Bay Islander received calls from two Mortgage Brokers who said they have been approached by Display Partners to obtain finance. They said they would have ‘nothing to do with Display Partners’.

Both said they were 'concerned' and 'worried' when they had done some research on Display Partners.

Builders have also been approached, and similar concerns about Display Partners and their representatives have also been raised.

Despite promises, several months down the track not one building for a Display Partners client has been built.


If you have invested with Display Partners, the Friendly Bay Islander would like to hear from you.

If you don't want to talk to us, and you are concerned about the money you have handed over to Display Partners as a 'deposit', then please contact the QBCC, ACCC, ASIC or the police via Crime Stoppers.

PLEASE NOTE: The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) recommends home owners only contract with licensed contractors, because a QBCC licensee has been assessed based on technical qualifications, experience, financial requirements and references, as well as fitness and propriety.

This means home owners can be confident that a QBCC licensee has the skills, knowledge and procedures to do the work they are being contracted to do.

Mr Zac Mar does not hold a QBCC licence.

Anyone with concerns that unlawful building work is being carried out is encouraged to call the QBCC (24/7) on 139 333 or visit