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The Catholic Church on the Bay Islands has set up a temporary ‘Op Shop’ on Macleay Island.

With the help of the owners of the Emerald Isle Shopping Village, the church has occupied one of the shops with some good quality clothes and general items.

“We were offered the opportunity and so we decided to set up an op shop,” island priest Father Jim Brown told The Friendly Bay Islander.

The new op shop has had quite a deal of quality clothes, books and sundry times donated.

“I am cleaning my library out here at the island parish residence so there are quite a number of books on display.

“Many parishioners have provided good quality clothing which is also available at very reasonable prices,” Father Brown said.

A feature of the venture is a huge selection of quality craft made clothing that have been made by many of the volunteers.

This includes beautiful baby wear, doilies and other hand-made items.

The Pop Up Op Shop is manned by volunteers 7 days a week, a pretty good effort during the recent hot summer conditions.

So, if you want to catch a bargain and check out some of the great clothing, books and bric-a-brac that is available, call up to the new Catholic Op Shop at Emerald Isle Shopping Village.

• Joan Hopkins and Marj Milgate manning the Catholic Church Op Shop at Emerald Isle.



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