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Macleay Island artist Darren Goleby is making a difference at the Bay Island Early Learning and Care Centre.

It seems every few weeks we are taking Darren’s picture around and about the Early Learning facility.

That’s because Darren has been lending his artistic talents to not only the decoration of the important pre school, but also his design skills as well.

You may remember we featured Darren with a Viking Ship recently he was going to enter in the Girt by Sea sculpture event, until it was postponed until now (Darren has a entry with a Viking theme).

Well, Darren turned his initial entry into an exciting piece of play equipment and now it has pride of place in the big sand pit area at the Early Learning Centre in High Central Road, Macleay Island.

And the children love it.

“It is just the thing for young children to climb over and have lots of fun,” says Early Learning’s Petrae McLean.

And it’s not just the Viking Ship!

Darren has also progressively been adding murals to external walls around and about the complex.

“I have been painting collages of Australian wildlife and bird life.

“I believe it helps the education process of understanding here at the Bay Island Early Learning Centre.

It would seem Early Learning owner Petrae McLean agrees.

"Darren has made a significant contribution to the education process in a visual and active form here for the young people of our islands.

“His lovely artwork makes it easy to explain to little ones just what we, as Australians, are all about,” Petrae added.

Darren isn’t the only island artist to have contributed to the Early Learning artistic experience.

North Stradbroke Island artist, Brett Karklis, has also been involved with similar artistic collage endeavours in other parts of the Early Learning experience with his aboriginal designs including the whales and marine life of Moreton Bay.

“It all certainly is visually appealing, but plays a vital role in early learning education as well,” Petrae added.

• Early Learning children enjoying Darren’s Viking ship!



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