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Despite promises to the contrary, the connection to the NBN network will now not happen in 2017.

In fact, we seemingly have gone to the bottom of the list.

The Friendly Bay Islander has published a number of stories about our imminent NBN connection for this year.

We were originally informed by our Federal Member for Bowman, Andrew Laming.

We followed it up by contacting the NBN media people nearly two years ago.

We were told by NBN Co spokesperson, Matt Horan, at the time: “the NBN is at least 18 months away from beginning construction on any of your islands.

“We released the latest construction update last month, with the next one due in two months’ time. The islands are not yet on the construction list.”

He continued: “The NBN Co in March announced an update to the national rollout plan which includes an indicative overview of the next 116,000 homes and business across Queensland set to receive the NBN.

“This is great news for the areas which have been added to our construction schedule as it means work to build the network is expected to be underway by September 2016," Matt Horan said at the time.

To get an up to date picture, we contacted the NBN in recent days when we sent this message: "We have been advised by our Federal Member of Parliament Andrew Laming that the Southern Moreton Bay Islands of Macleay, Karragarra, Lamb and Russell are to be connected to the NBN this year. We would also like to know the timing of NBN installation for Coochiemudlo and North Stradbroke Islands."

We then received this reply from Kylie Lindsay of the NBN: " The Bay Islands are not scheduled to be connected to the NBN until later in the build program, and are currently in the design phase. All premises in Australia will be ready for NBN service by 2020."

When we challenged her reply and sent her the previous information received from Matt Horan of the NBN, Kylie replied: " Matthew Horan hasn’t been at NBN since early 2015. The construction plan he refers to was always intended to be a guide only and should not be relied upon as representing NBN’s final position on the rollout of the NBN™ network.

"NBN is the largest infrastructure project Australia has ever seen and while we have always tried to provide the most up to date information, it does change as the planning is finalised.

"We have also added two new technologies into the mix since you received that information from Matt, HFC (which is being rolled out in parts of the Redlands area) and our Fibre to the Curb technology, Kylie Lindsay concluded.

Andrew Laming has commented: "My map stated construction to commence across the Bay Islands by mid this year.

"That was from the 2015 three-year plan. Typically, switch-on is a year later (so it didn't refer to NBN being connected).

"That was current until last month when reporting was changed from build commencement to switch-on date and second, SMBI (just the four islands) slipped by one year.

"It is now 2018 build and 2019 switch on. I don't have any other mainland updates but it doesn't appear other parts of Redlands have slipped," the Federal Member said.

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