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Russell Island resident Jo McKenzie was so concerned about the loss of wildlife in her street, she decided to do something about it.

A resident of Cambridge Road on Russell, the carnage was so great with drivers not being more careful, that she decided to do something about it.

"I approached council about two years ago about putting in signs and a speed bump, but no action was taken.

"So I decided to do something myself."

Jo got a can of white paint and went about painting images of bird feet and animal paws in a trail across Cambridge Road.

She certainly did a good job and it is not at all unattractive.

Many locals now slow down for the birds and animals, but others don't.

Any birds that have been killed now have a special place in her garden.

And, did you know there is an instant fine of $500 for hitting a native bird with your car?

Jo Mckenzie has befriended and helped literally hundreds of birds, with a special feeding session every afternoon in her front garden when she is literally surrounded by her feathered friends.

"Between 90 and 130 birds visit every day. I started out three years ago when we moved here.

"There were two ducks that rested under our house, one duck having two broken wings.

"They have since had chicks and we still look after them," she told The Friendly Bay Islander.

The range of birds she looks out for has certainly grown.

They include cockatoos, galahs, curlews, rainbow lorikeets, butcher birds and the wonderful kookaburras.

Some birds are named including Cheeky the cockatoo who was originally bald with an overgrown beak.

There is a family of Curlews called Lewis, Lulu, Hop and Skip (inspired by his injured leg).

And the good news is that their dog Zeke actively guards the birds and chases off cats.

The family spend about $75 a fortnight feeding the birds and they wouldn't have it any other way.

"We're islanders and we want to keep the wildlife safe," Jo McKenzie said.

CAPTION: Jo McKenzie with her husband Bill and the painted pet trail!



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